KMR Training Center offer Pet CPA/FA classes for pet owners and anyone else interested in knowing how to help a pet in an emergency situation. Our classes cover the following material and can help you care for a sick pet or even save one in a life or death situation. Please review a. outline of our course topics that are covered during class:

Understanding pet vital signs and how to measure them Monitoring your pet Preparing a pet first aid kit Safety concerns for the provider The role of first aid with your pet
Lethargy Loss of appetite Vomiting and diarrhea Illness Recognizing normal & abnormal behaviors
Itchiness/scratching Fever Cold or heat exposure Seizures Weakness or collapse
Bleeding Injuries Cat and dog CPR Recognizing the signs of cardiopulmonary arrest Cardiovascular Emergencies
Hit by car, fall from height, animal attack Burn wounds Suspected fracture or spinal injury Lameness Temporary wound care, infection prevention
Vaccine reactions Insect stings Allergic Reactions Poisonings and envenomations Shock
Near-drowning Choking Respiratory Emergencies Anaphylaxis General allergies
    Rescue breathing Breathing problems/respiratory distress

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