Learn how to help if your pet is choking of having a seizure.

If your dog or cat is having a medical emergency, the best option is to seek the help of a veterinarian or animal hospital. In the meantime, you might be your pet’s best chance for survival.

There’s no 911 number to call when pets get hurt, so by default owners are the first responders. Knowing how to provide care for a “Cat and Dog is the importance of taking a First Aid and CPR” classes with KMR Training Center, LLC and by doing so residents learn what to do in an animal emergency.

“You have to prepare, “There’s no ambulance that will come by and pick up your pet.” Stay calm in a pet emergency. The first step for pet owners in an emergency situation is to stay calm. “What we tell people is that the No. 1 problem when there’s an emergency with pets at home is that you panic,” she says. “This class will help you be prepared for when those things happen.”
Classes will teach pet owners, 12 years and older, to stabilize injured animals, care for wounds, deal with choking, counter poisoning, manage urgent care and put together pet first aid kits. The cost for PET FIRST AID/CPR three-hour class is $45.
Studies have shown that any treatment administered by an owner is just a first step. Finding a local veterinarian or animal hospital that provides 24-hour emergency care is critical, just like being prepared for an emergency before it happens. An emergency visit to the vet can range between $250 and $500, but many treatments can exceed $1,000, so you may want to consider pet insurance before something happens.

Save yourself money by learning how to administer First Aid or CPR for your pet by registering today for PET FIRST AID /CPR with KMR Training Center (513) 226-8075.


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