Background Checks

KMR Training Center” offers an enhanced WebCheck system known as National WebCheck (NWC) to capture and submit electronic fingerprinting data to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation (BCI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).


If You Are Not Fingerprinting, You Could Be Hiring a Criminal

A fingerprint-based background check is the most comprehensive check an employer can obtain of an applicant’s past criminal activity. The term “background check” can be vague; therefore, resulting in exposure to numerous definitions and opinions. Yet, most companies do not realize the hiring risk involved when a fingerprint background check is not performed. When tapping an online database with a potential hire’s name, date of birth, and/or social security number you may not be obtaining the full criminal activity of a potential new hire. Fingerprints cannot be falsified at the time of an arrest; whereas, a name, date of birth, or social security number can, resulting in an incomplete check.  Therefore, a fingerprint background check is the most comprehensive and viable background check available. With the advancements in biometrics, the electronic fingerprint process is so convenient for employers to require as part of their hiring process.  The fingerprint check, if done electronically, is the most convenient and time efficient way to get any criminal activity transparent to the employer.  With this information, the employer then has the opportunity to further evaluate if this person is the right person to hire for the position.


Mobile Fingerprinting

At “KMR” Training Center, LLC we strive to provide the ultimate service in terms of convenience and cost effectiveness for our customers. This includes offering several convenient fingerprinting locations throughout Ohio. Of course, we understand that all or part of your staff may be unable to make it to one of our office locations; for this reason, we also provide mobile fingerprinting services that can come to you! Our mobile fingerprinting unit is able to travel wherever your office or business is located. In fact, our National WebCheck mobile unit can go anywhere in the state of Ohio and fingerprint your entire group! In addition to offering mobile fingerprinting services, we can provide all of your employee background check needs at your office or workplace. Worried your office might not be large enough to accommodate your entire workforce or staff all at once? Not a problem – we can make arrangements for our mobile fingerprinting unit to meet you at a convenient location of your choosing.Call (513) 226-8075 or (513) 674-1200 for details about “KMR”mobile fingerprinting services or visit

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