Tuition Financing

KMR Training Center does everything it can to support the success of our students and partners. That is why we have partnered with TFC Tuition Financing to provide the quality financial support our students need.

About TFC Tuition Financing

TFC Tuition Financing has been providing tuition financing for students since 1970. Our mission is to provide financing for those students who are serious about their careers and serious about their personal success.

Our affiliation with the major national, regional, and state associations have given us a special knowledge of those schools which are most likely to lead to your future success. If the school that you are considering attending does not currently offer financing through TFC Tuition Financing, please have them call us at 1 (800) 832-5626.

When you finance your tuition through TFC Tuition Financing, you will be supported by a major national financial organization. We can help you to either establish your credit, or strengthen your credit rating. Our national presence will help you to secure any type of credit you may want in the future, including credit cards, auto loans, and home mortgages.

KMR Training Center is certified and trusted by leading organizations