why you should return to school


No more excuses!

What excuses are keeping you from returning to school? Whichever reason’s stopping you, there’s an even better reason to go ahead and make the move.


1) I don’t have money for school. Neither do most students when they enroll. Hunt down scholarships and find grants (which don’t need to be repaid), and, if needed, how to find student loans with the lowest interest rate possible.

2) I don’t have time for school.

Try and gauge how much time you spend on things other than work or family. You’ll probably realize that you have many hours each week—maybe even each day—that could instead be devoted towards school. For example, a recent news report shows that the typical American spends more than four and half hours every day watching TV. Couldn’t you be spending your time better? Online schools can save you time, too—no need to drive to campus.

3) I’ll miss my kids when I’m in class.

Your kids will be happy for you when you’ve learned the skills you need to apply for your dream job. And, once again, online schools may be just what you need to fit in school with your home and work responsibilities.

4) My computer skills aren’t great.

If you can type a text message, you can participate in an online class. On-campus schools offer computer training for students who need it. Keep in mind you don’t need to be a computer genius to attend school.

5) My study skills have never been good.

Study skills can always be improved. Your school will have resources to help you maximize your strengths and improve any weaknesses.

6) What if I’m the oldest person in class?

It’s much preferable to be one of the older students in class, or even the oldest, than never pursuing that degree.


Announce your intentions as widely as you can to friends, family, and co-workers. Start by researching 5 schools this month, or exploring 3 potential majors or programs in the next 3 weeks. Next, set a goal of investigating the most appealing schools more thoroughly, then set a goal of applying to one or more—then enrolling.

By breaking down your overall goal of returning to school into smaller, less intimidating tasks, you’re more likely to stay on track and succeed.

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